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1:00 pm13:00

The Art of the Agent Query, Hugo House, Seattle WA

You have a solid manuscript of your novel and you’re ready to find it a home, but where do you start? Getting a novel published takes time, consideration, and tons of research. In this class we’ll explore how to find agents that might be a good fit for your work.We’ll look at examples of strong query letters, and then draft our own to ensure that the craft of those letters is as compelling as the novel you’re pitching

10:00 am10:00

Haunting: A Writing Workshop, Northwestern Summer Writers' Conference

From the absences of Sappho to the ghosts of Henry James to the longing-fueled chases driving Laura van den Berg's stories, the idea of haunting presents itself in many forms throughout literature. In this session we'll explore haunting as narrative driver and resonance builder by reading examples of different modes of haunting and appropriating their forms. Whether you're interested in building a traditional ghost story, a tale of unrequited love or lingering grief, or playing with erasures of source materials, this course can help anyone looking for ways of building theme and image-based collateral in a variety of genres.

7:00 pm19:00

Six Points Reading Series

Join the Poetry Center of Chicago at Innertown Pub for the July installment of the Six Points Reading Series!

In 2016 we continue to move to a variety of rotating locations throughout Chicago, and we're grateful for the community partnerships we've been able to develop as a result of this. As always, our readings are free and open to the public. This reading is 21+

This month we are pleased to welcome Kevin Coval and Jac Jemc. Curated and hosted by Danielle Susi.

Innertown Pub

1935 W Thomas St, Chicago, Illinois 60622

Aug 24

Get Your Work Out Online Submission Workshop at The Loft

In this class, we'll focus on finishing up pieces that have been lingering in the almost finished state and getting them ready to send out for submission. We'll workshop stories that are in the near-final draft state for fine-tuning and polishing, discuss the formatting and structure that will be received best by editors, and explore the possible venues that might be a good fit for work. We'll draft and revise cover letters and talk about how to track and manage our work in the process of submitting it.

Students should bring at least one (more welcome) story or essay that is in progress to revise and prepare for publication during the course of this class. Week One: Why Publish? The Benefits of Community. Week Two: Final Draft Workshop. Week 3: Formatting and Reading with an Editor's Eye. Week 4: Finding the Proper Venue. Week 5: Cover Letters. Week 6: Tracking Submissions and Creating Good Submission Habits. This class is appropriate for anyone looking to begin sending work out or refine their methods of doing so.

Aug 2

Submission Bootcamp at StoryStudio Chicago

The world of publishing stories and essays can be overwhelming and inscrutable. How strong a piece needs to be, what editors look for, how to find the right outlet for your work: there are no shortage of do’s and don’ts.

Demystify the publication process with this 4-week bootcamp on how to get published in literary journals. We’ll cover the major steps: making sure your piece is polished, identifying the best market for your work, and keeping careful track of your submissions.

You’ll write and get feedback on query letters, and talk about best practices when communicating with journals and editors. We’ll also discuss resources that can make the publishing process easier.

The class is perfect for writers who are ready to submit their short stories or essays, or who want to learn about the world of publishing.

6:00 pm18:00

2 x Salon H (for HALD)

Conversation and Reading with Amanda Michalopoulou

Kongens Kammer v. Viborg gråbrødre kloster, Sankt Mogens Gade 16, 8800 Viborg

May 19

Getting Your Novel Published Class at StoryStudio Chicago

You have a solid manuscript of your novel and you’re ready to find it a home, but where do you start?

Getting a novel published takes time, consideration, and tons of research. In this three-week class we’ll explore how to find agents and publishers that might be a good fit for your work while hashing out the literary landscape and fiction market.

We’ll discuss when is the right time—career-wise and draft-wise—to begin submitting a manuscript and what to do if the process deviates from what you expect. We’ll look at examples of strong query letters, and then draft and workshop your own to ensure that the craft of those letters is as strong and compelling as the novel you’re pitching.

Students can expect to leave the class with a query letter, a plan for contacting agents and publishers, and an understanding of the overall publication process.

8:00 pm20:00

DWWP: Lit Up!

Drinkers with Writing Problems is excited to announce our new monthly live lit show: Lit Up! 

Each month, we will produce a show that highlights some of Chicago's most creative writers and performers, along with some of your favorite DWWP'ers. We feature all genres of writing from first person narrative to young adult fiction to poetry to whatever the writer decides to share with us.

We couldn't be more excited about this crackerjack box of stories. Please join us at Brisku's Bistro on Friday, March 25th at 8pm for our premiere event. 

This month's performers include: 

Nestor Gomez
Jac Jemc
Bea Cordelia Sullivan-Knoff
Alicia Swiz
Conor Cawley
Anita M. Mechler
Jeff Phillips
and hosted by Elizabeth Gomez

Suggested donation $10

11:30 am11:30

Selfish, Shallow, and Self-Absorbed: Meghan Daum

Chicago Humanities Festival 

UIC Forum, Main Hall C
725 W Roosevelt Rd | Chicago, IL | 60607

On the heels of this year’s anthology, Selfish, Shallow, and Self-Absorbed, Daum will share her inimitable blend of candor and provocation. Jac Jemc, author of A Different Bed Every Time, joins her for a conversation.


    8:00 pm20:00

    CHIPRC 2nd Year Anniversary

    The literary nonprofit Chicago Publishers Resource Center celebrates their second anniversary with an event on Friday July, 3rd, 8pm. The planned festivities represent a snapshot of CHIPRC’s mission and programming. The event includes members from the CHIPRC community, showcasing their talented workshops moderators, reading/event hosts and the center’s patrons.

    The main focus is a featured reading with writer Liz O'Connell-Thompson(moderator and alum of CHIPRC's Wasted Pages Writing Workshop), comedian Tom Simmons (hosted his Office Pizza Reading series at the center), author Jac Jemc (coordinated a CHIPRC writing workshop), and publisher Elizabeth S. Tieri (leads her own French language programming held at the center).

    CHIPRC will also be unveiling new artwork in their Birdbath installation with original drawings, comics and illustrations by current and former workshop moderators including Rachal Duggan, Roman Muradov, andAlex Nall.

    There will be door prizes from community partners Quimby's Bookstore, Back 2 Print Publishing, Chicago Zine Fest and Radiator Comics.

    Drinks and refreshments will be on hand. $5 donation at the door. CHIPRC is located at 858 N. Ashland Ave. Support independent self-publishing in Chicago.

    The Chicago Publishers Resource Center (CHIPRC) is a non-profit that strives to build community and foster creativity by providing access to the space, education, and resources necessary to create and self-publish literary and visual work. Visit for more information.

    3:00 pm15:00

    Printers Row Lit Fest: "Red" Jacky Colliss Harvey in conversation with Jac Jemc

    Program: Non Fiction: "Red" Jacky Colliss Harvey in conversation with Jac Jemc

    The brilliantly told, captivating history of the under-explored but highly pervasive influence of red hair throughout the ages and across multiple disciplines including science, religion, politics, feminism and sexuality, culture, literature, and art.

    Location: Jones College Prep/Classroom #5006

    10:30 am10:30

    Women Editors of Independent Publishing Panel at AWP Minneapolis

    Location: Room L100 F&G, Lower Level

    Every year the VIDA count inspires a passionate discourse about gender diversity in publishing. But after the news dies down, the people who continue the conversation are the editors who face the decision of who to publish. Four female editors will discuss the challenges they encounter as women in a male-dominated industry, discuss the work of their favorite women writers, and celebrate the publications doing what they can to establish gender equality in  publishing. 

    w/Jac Jemc, Naomi Huffman, Holly Amos, Mairead Case and Kristen Miller


    1:30 pm13:30

    Mission Creek Lit Crawl

    @ Forbidden Planet (111 S. Dubuque St.): Hobart & [PANK] Magazine
    Chloe Caldwell, Jac Jemc, Christopher Beha, Delaney Nolan, Gemma de Choisy, & Dylan Nice