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Emergency Assembly Reading

  • Cole's 2338 N Milwaukee Chicago IL (map)


M. Bartley Seigel
- had a last-minute rescheduling and is now coming to COLE'S to read.. M. wrote THIS IS WHAT THEY SAY (Typecast, 2012) and Deb Olin Unferth called it 'stirring, subtle, and true,' much like M. himself. He also founded [PANK] — PANK Magazine and Tiny Hardcore Press — which he runs with Roxane Gay. M. teaches writing and diverse literature at Michigan Tech in Houghton, MI.

Joining M. will be —

Jac Jemc
- whose A DIFFERENT BED EVERY TIME (Dzanc, 2014) will be out next October. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and catch up with MY ONLY WIFE (Dzanc, 2012). And you'll need to make nice with someone who already has a copy of THESE STRANGERS SHE'D INVITED IN (Greying Ghost, 2010) because it's SOLD OUT, suckers.

Daniela Olszewska,
- whose CITIZEN J (Artifice, 2013) has laid waste since the moment it was out the door from Artifice Books. Daniela's other collections — TRUE CONFESSIONS OF AN ESCAPEE FROM THE CAPRA FACILITY FOR WAYWARD GIRLS (Spittoon, 2013) and CLOUDFANG :: CAKEDIRT (Horse Less, 2012), with HOW TO FEEL CONFIDENT WITH YOUR SPECIAL TALENTS (Black Lawrence, 2014) forthcoming — She teaches writing to prison inmates, which also means she teaches writing to us.

Mason Johnson
- whose SAD ROBOT STORIES (CCLAP, 2013) Matt Nelson cut into 25 pieces at HTMLGIANT, calling the book 'a costume of a robot worn by what you assume is a human, but is really just C-3PO playing around.' Mason also writes for CBS Chicago and 104.3 K-Hits radio.

James Tadd Adcox
- whose MAP OF THE SYSTEM OF HUMAN KNOWLEDGE (Tiny Hardcore, 2012) tests the elasticity of Diderot's and d'Alembert's ENCYCLOPÉDIE. This is an important test which no one can pass. Tadd is the founder of Artifice, and a Phd candidate at UIC.

Brooks Sterritt
- whose stories appear in Subtropics, Salt Hill, Denver Quarterly, LIT, TRNSFR, and elsewhere. Brooks is a reviews editor at HTMLGIANT.