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2 Retroactive Rejections in One Day!

Peter Slapnicher

I received 2 rejections for my chapbook, My Neighbor Is Dead, today, after their websites had already announced the winner (not me) almost a month earlier. The first notification was from The Ledge who sent a form letter to "Poet."  Let me just say that I'm not consoled by a handwritten signature when you couldn't even bother to plug my name into the greeting line.

The second letter made me feel much better.  It was from James Grinwis at Bateau for their Boom Chapbook Contest.  Mr.  Grinwis said it was an "interesting concept/ sequence for a chapbook," but that it was perhaps "stretched to unnecessary white space."  I had already sensed a negative reaction to my white space and so My Neighbor Is Dead has since been circulating as "My Neighbor Is Dead," a longer poem-type thing.  Mr.  Grinwis also informed me I was in the top 25 for the contest.  While I don't feel certain he counted and it might be that he tells everyone that to make them feel better, I'll take it, Mr. Grinwis.  Thanks bunches!