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Peter Slapnicher

Why doesnt this thing work? Well, I sent John Rosenwald another option at Beloit and he didn't like this one as much as the first.  It didn't "work" for them. 

I came to think about a submission as an order from a catalog today.  If I had mailed them a calculator watch which they returned, saying it didn't work, and upon inspecting the calculator watch, I found it worked just fine, would I then be authorized to send it back, saying it did indeed work?  That maybe what wasn't working was their capacity to use such a thing as a calculator watch? 

Well, needless to say, there are many faults with this analogy.  For one, they didn't order the calculator watch.  I sent it to them without their asking.  Also, I'm pretty sure good customer service standards don't allow me to send back working merchandise with a nasty letter.  I think I'd have to send back a new calculator watch that looks like it's brand new and hasn't been through two mail journeys.  But what if they don't want a replacement?  Then I guess I get to keep the calculator watch myself.

Oh, no.  I've confused myself again.  I guess I'll wait 6 months and try again.