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66: Ya Got Me

Peter Slapnicher

A Home in which to Grow Our Love
A Home in which to Grow Our Love

Oh, Matt DiGangi of Thieves Jargon: Do you wanna make out?  This is the best rejection ever.

Hey, Matt DiGangi, have you read The Game by Neil Strauss?  It's about how to pick up the ladies.  One of the steps is "negging" a woman.  So you pay her some attention and then you insult her just a little bit to make her feel vulnerable and then the next time you're nice to her she feels way honored and wants to jump your bones. 

I think, Matt DiGangi, your rejection worked for me much like "negging." And now I want you more than ever.

For those of you that aren't in the intimate space that exists between Matt and I, here's what happened: I sent Matt a story.  He sent me a note back saying normally he would have accepted it  despite its shortcomings.  But, then, do you know what Matt did?  He told me he liked this blog so much that he wanted Thieves Jargon to find a home here


Very clever, Matt DiGangi.  I will be sending you more work soon.  Maybe you can even book all the rooms along the west parking lot with the rejections you send me.  Well, except for the one Old Sid lives in.  Let's face it.  He's never leaving.

And back to the Game metaphor: making out is sure to ensue in each room.