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Peter Slapnicher

give it up
give it up

Whoo, boy.  The saga of Matt and Jac continues.  Matt of Thieves Jargon finally responded to my follow-up submission.  If you'll recall, Matt had previously said he would have normally accepted a story I'd sent, but he liked my blog so much, he wanted to be featured here.  Well, ladies and gentlemen, he's milking it.  He has rejected me again.  To this I say: Fool me once, Matt DiGangi. Fool me once...

But because he's funny and I think you might enjoy reading it, I'll humor him and post the beginning of his rejection:

"I had to take some time off. Our relationship was moving too quickand I got freaked out.  I don't like to hold hands on the bus heading for work until a) you've met my parents and b) slept with me.

But I'm ready to give it another try."

He's a clever dude.  I will give him that.  As for this bullshit about being shy of holding hands in public:

You said you wanted to reject me so you could get on my blog, Matt. Don't try and pretend you didn't want to go public.

Let's just be straight with each other from now on and I think we'll, as you so rightly say at the end of the email (which I'll keep private so that there's a little something just between you and I), "get there."