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Peter Slapnicher


I'm going to go ahead and declare Rejection #72.  Chris at Annalemma responded to a story I sent yesterday apologizing because they don't publish poetry.  I'm guessing that means that despite my cover letter asking him to consider my story, "A Heaven Gone," for publication, he decided it was actually a poem.  This could be because it is in a single column without paragraph breaks which is something I did because I didn't want paragraph breaks, but I know a big old block of text without any breaks can be overwhelming and I thought I'd make it easy to read like a newspaper column where you don't get lost from line to line.  Am I nuts?

Anyways, I sent them a letter saying that I'd read the guidelines and know the magazine and am aware they don't take poetry and that I wasn't trying to pull a fast one by sending a poem and calling it a story.  I also attached a new story with paragraphs and indentations and all that normal jazz.  I might have pissed Chris off though, so maybe my chances with Annalemma are over and done with.