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84? Maybe a continuation of 81? No: 84.

Peter Slapnicher

got it Night Train rejected the other four poems I sent them.  If you'll recall, for rejection #81, they rejected one of the poems, because I think I might have clicked fiction instead of poetry.  Well, they've rejected the rest as poetry, too, so there ya go.  I could call this a continuation of rejection #81, but it seems they might have been rejected for different reasons and so I will say that the rejection received today deserves a number all its own.

They also reject each poem individually because you have to submit them that way, so this morning when I woke up, there were four shiny rejections in my inbox instead of just one.  It feels a little like receiving four different voicemails all from the same person dumping you for different reasons.

Ok! I get it! Geez.