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Rejection 102

Peter Slapnicher

I had no idea! Weird-est.  Today I received what, at first, looked like a form rejection email from Perigee, until I realized it was not a rejection or an acceptance, but rather a link to their blog where they had announced who would be in the next issue.  They claimed this letter was sent to people whose work would be included as well as those whose work would not appear in the next issue, but upon inspection of the blog, it appeared they had announced the upcoming writers days ago.

My work was not listed on the site, but even if it had been, I would have been a little miffed.  I'd like to know such things before the general internet population does.  Maybe the people at Perigee are just terribly passive and pretended like everyone got this letter so they could remove the act of rejection as far as possible from them.  I don't know.  Something just seems strange here.  Is this a valid thing to do?  Announce you're publishing someone's work before you confirm with that person?  I realized I don't actually know the rules, but I have the feeling Perigee might be working a little out of order.