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Rejection 103

Peter Slapnicher

All Aboard! Glimmer Train doesn't want the story I sent them and told me so in a form letter. Included in the form letter was a link to a pdf called "EditorsPerspective2004," something that might be of interest to me, a "relative beginner."

What proceeds is a six page document which includes both encouragement ("Absolutely no one has ever seen the world through your eyes except you") and also a seemingly derogatory presentation of the dictionary definition of the word "cliche," which I actually found interesting so here it is:

Main Entry: 1 cli∙ché Pronunciation: kl sh , , kli sh Function: noun Inflected Form(s): s Etymology: French, from past participle of clicher to stereotype, of imitative origin; from the noise of the die striking the metal 1 : a stereotype or electrotype; especially : a single stamp of which a number are joined to form a plate for printing a whole sheet of stamps at once 2 a : a trite or stereotyped phrase or expression; also : the idea expressed by it b : a hackneyed theme, plot, or situation in fiction or drama : an overworked idea or its expression in music or one of the other arts <such photographic clichés as indicating change of seasons by the transition from snow to fruit in the orchards John McCarten>

Thank you for the generous education, Glimmer Train.