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Rejection 108.5

Peter Slapnicher

New System Approved New York Tyrant, an admirably awesome magazine, prefers regular mail submissions what with stamps and SASEs and whatnot, but they also give the option to send in the three best sentences of your story via email and if they like it, you can send the rest via email as well.

I think this is a pretty nifty idea.  I took them up on this offer earlier today and was informed by Giancarlo that my sentences were good but that they were looking for something different for the next issue.  It was quick and I didn't waste the money on postage. I like this system.


This type of rejection only gets .5 in the total count.  I'm not sure how I'm going to get another .5 rejection, but until I do, rejections will be numbered adding one to the current count; so the next one will be 109.5.  Just warning you.