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Rejection 111

Peter Slapnicher

ass whole Here's another bullshit exception I just made to the counting of rejections.  Both stories I submitted to the Narrative 30 Below were rejected.  I can't see counting this as two rejections, but it also seems like more than one, and so, because even I was annoyed by the counting-by-halves thing, I have declared these two rejections as one and half and now we are back in the whole number range.  Don't know what the heck I'm talking about about?  Don't worry about it.  It's over.  It's kind of like trying to teach my mom to use the new universal remote today, "It's fine.  Just press only the buttons you normally would and nothing will get messed up."  So to you, I say, pretend this never happened.  All is well again in the land of integers.