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Idiotic Amnesia Strikes Again

Peter Slapnicher

yup Hello, I'm the douche bag who forgot to promote the reading I did tonight.  I sent out a very limited email, but I forgot to post an announcement here, which would have been smart.  Anyways.  I read in the Reconstruction Room Series and the theme was "Bondage: Only the Microphone Was Ashamed," and everyone had to read their poems with constraints assigned by the lovely lady who put everything together, Nicolette Bond:

Here are the people who read and the crazy things they had to do while reading their poems:

Nicolette Bond: read a poem while a corset was being tightened on her.

Jason Bredle: read one poem in a Jamaican accent and another with a napkin stuffed in his mouth while slapping his ass.

Mary Hamilton: read one poem into a microphone ace-bandaged around her stomach and one while dancing ( really well, I might add).

Michael Kisner: read one poem placed inside a Playboy so we could look at the nudie lady on the cover and another backwards.

Carl Marcum: sang one poem and read the other to an audience member pretending to be an infant in his lap (and at one point called the infant a 'fucking white boy,' I do believe).

Erin Teegarden: read one poem while lighting it on fire and played telephone with the other funneling it through two other people's ears and mouths.

Dave Snyder: read one poem from atop a table in a military voice, 'Oh, Captain, My Captain'-style and one poem from the bottom of a human pyramid.

Another lady, who I think was named Barb and with whom I shared my fish and chips, sang her poem.

I got to read one poem into a microphone suspended from a light fixture, and also, in what was hands-down the most terrifying reading of my life, I read my poem, aptly titled, "Expansion as Relief," while the whole audience slowly surrounded me.

It was great and in lieu of not promoting this evening I urge all of you to go to their next reading Tuesday, January 20th, at the Museum of Contemporary Art, as the perform in the Literary Gangs of Chicago performance.  It's sure to be even better (though even I can't imagine that at this moment in time).