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New Work Up at Word Riot and in Zoland Poetry

Peter Slapnicher

Despite the detailed advice Sean Lovelace provided me at AWP, I will continue to post when new work of mine is available, cuz, let's make no bones about it, this blog is really just self-deprecation as self-promotion. There's a new story of mine and an audio file of me reading it at Word Riot.

I have a poem in the new volume of Zoland Poetry. I would suggest buying it here if you're interested.

In case this post ruins your image of me as a down-on-her-luck lady-writer who is always lashing herself for her rejections, I will share one little detail of my writing life that is making me nervous:

See the "Forthcoming Work" list of links over to the right there?  I am nervous about how short that list is right now.  I don't know if it's that magazines are catching up with the work they've accepted all of a sudden or if my odds are getting lower, but there's that little bit of fear in my heart.