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You Give Me Growing Pains, Theodore Huxtable

Peter Slapnicher

What's sure to be a miraculous reading will be taking place tonight at the Black Rock.  The Marvelous M. Lady has set up a Rec Room based around 80's sitcom characters. The list of readers is formidable.  These people will steal your Zubaz right from under you in the alley after school.  They will leave you pantsless with no regrets:  Lindsay Hunter, Zach Dodson, Nicolette Bond, Meg Barboza, Tobias Bengelsdorf, Allison Gruber, Erin Teegarden, and myself.  Watch out.  Not even your slap bracelets are safe.

I will be reading a story about playing strip poker with my childhood idols - the two blond bimbos that Larry and Balki liked on Perfect Strangers.

Here's the details.  See ya there.

Rec Room March 4, 2009 8pm Black Rock Bar 3614 N Damen