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Rejection 170

Peter Slapnicher

Too perfect.  Take the K away and this is me: Blond, backwards baseball cap, dog with a pierced ear.

AGNI doesn't want the poems I sent them.  I have determined that it is completely unpredictable what poems people will like.  I had convinced myself that this batch of poems were some of the best I'd every written, and they've been rejected at least a half-dozen times now.  Admittedly, AGNI might not be the best audience for my work, but I did think these poems erred on the more traditional side.

I have a confession to make.  I have been slacking: with writing, submitting and posting on this blog.  I've been reading a whole bunch, but I need to get my act together.  Maybe now that I said it out loud, I will actually make good on my intentions of fixing my practices up. 

Whew.  That felt good.  Back to work.