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Rejection 181

Peter Slapnicher

I will write longer stories.  Just to do it. I don't even know if this counts, but I'm counting it because I'm bored.

Peter over at Keyhole sent me a note saying he wasn't even gonna read my story submission because he's only reading stories between 3K and 7K words.  He asked if I had something in that range I could send him, or if I wanted I could send more poetry.

I got this email and I thought, 'OH!  I think I have that one story that's pretty long.  Let's see how many words it is." And then I looked it up and it was like 1200 words.  Ha.  I am incapable of writing long stories right now.  So I sent him more poems instead, because it's okay if poems are short in print anthologies, but stories have to be long.

So, here is my plan to talk myself into writing longer shit:  When I am in Vermont, I'm gonna write 20 pages a day.  I'm gonna try and push out a first draft of a novel manuscript or I'm gonna write 14 crappy 20 page stories and then probably get home and whittle them down to the 2 pages I normally would have written.  Last night, between reminiscing about the tour in a series of bars with Mary, I told her about my plan and she said I couldn't do it, so now, I'm really gonna do it.  She knows how to motivate me.  Admittedly she had good reason to doubt me.  20 pages is more than I've written in the past 2 months. I am ridiculous.

What should I do tonight?  I am already tired of the heat.  It is the 2nd hot summer day in Chicago.  I hacked what little hair I had off of my head today.