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Rejection 190

Peter Slapnicher

Ya know, I still think of that Gap commercial fondly. So remember how Evan Lavender-Smith at Puerto del Sol was so nice about asking me for work and then forgot to tell me that they didn't want that story but that I should send another one?  Well, he doesn't want that story either.

That feels kind of weird: that someone asked me for work and then the work I sent them wasn't what they wanted.  This is adding to the woodginess of the day.

Tonight I'm going to a book group for the first time in my life.  You might think this would have happened already in my life, being that I like books and have worked in bookstores for a while now, but nope.  Tonight I am adding into a pre-exisiting group and we have read Let the Right One In. What's that?  You saw the movie?  Read the book - it's better.  Yup, even if you liked the movie, it's better.  There's a whole pedophilia storyline that's absent from the movie.

Awesome.  Now it sounds like I'm saying I liked the pedophilia part.


Today, someone told me that based on the mixed cd he was given by me as a part of cd dispersal project, he'd say I was mellow if he didn't know me.

I told him I'm either high-strung or sad.  Those are my modes right now.  Maybe always?

I wish 'mellow' was more accurate.

Enough of this bullshit.  Must go get those ribs for Grandma Alligator.