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New Issue of 'Handsome' Finally Available.

Peter Slapnicher

Remember how great the first issue of Black Ocean's Handsome Journal was AWESOME?  Remember how having a first issue suggests there will be a second? 

Well, two years later (more? maybe a little less?) that second issue is finally here, containing the long-awaited work of:  Jeff Alessandrelli, Maureen Alsop, Stephanie Anderson, A K Beck, Dan Boehl, Paula Cisewski, Brianna Colburn, John Cotter, Daniel Coudriet, Jordan Davis, Christopher DeWeese, DJ Dolack, Brandon Downing, John Estes, Lucas Farrell, Ryan Flaherty, Sandy Florian, Charles Freeland, Emily Frey, J. Gallaher, Joe Hall, Shafer Hall, Matt Henricksen, Lyn Lifshin, Tony Mancus, Justin Marks, Marc Mckee, Keith Montesano, Trey Moody, Jefferson Navicky, Patty Paine, Michael Robins, Zach Savich, Rob Schlegel, Fred Schmalz, Maureen Thorson, Nance Van Winckel, Joshua Ware, Kerri Webster, and myself.

You can buy it here.  Well worth the wait, if I do say so myself.