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Peter Slapnicher

You have to see this prettiness to believe it.

In Denver I had the pleasure of meeting the Evelyn Hampton at a Dewclaw reading she put together.  I also got my hands on the new issue, and it's really top-notch.  I was so surprised and delighted by all of the work at the reading and in this little fella.

If you buy a copy here, you can read all of these people: Alison Bundy, Heather Christle, Claire Donato,Tyler Dorholt,Brandon Gorrell, Sheila Heti, Dorothea Lasky, Dylan Nice, Sam Pink, Ilan Shraer, Jen Tynes,

and ME.

I think this was maybe the reading at AWP in which I really wanted to be everyone else in the room, even though I was unfamiliar with most of those people's work.  AND I was hungover.  BUT I still enjoyed it the most.

Remarkable, no?