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Rejection 231

Peter Slapnicher

Willow Springs.  The pattern continues here that a story I think is one of my best of late is being turned down regularly.

I'm interested in people being more up in arms about the rejection blogging of late.  I've noticed a handful of tweets, statuses, posts about what the use is. I can say that when I started this blog, close to two and a half years ago, I wasn't seeing much public talk of rejection at all.  And now people mention it or write about it more often.  Usually they seem to be doing it in a good-natured way.  I don't see the big deal.  It's probably healthy, right? In some weird 70s self-help sort of way that I could care less about.

Anyway, I plan on continuing to log my rejections here.  First of all, the narrative continues as I continue sending work out and receiving word back.  Second, I have another venue to blog more editorial type content: Big Other.  Third, I don't really care if people are as tired of hearing about people's rejections as they are of seeing photos of the meals people make posted to Facebook.  It's just a life-part that's as valid as any other for marking off the days UNTIL WE ALL DIE.