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Some Fun New Business

Peter Slapnicher

One of the many reasons AWP is great is because editors haul ass to get new issues done in time to sell them.  I picked up a couple things I'm in while at the bookfair.  They include:


The name says it all.

It's a collection of ghost blurbs from a range of fancy people, all wishing on stars shaped like books for some good old-fashioned reading.  You can get it here and you better because it's real pretty.

Also: the ninth issue of Barrelhouse, but it's not available online yet.  But when it is, it will be here.  "What's the theme?" you ask.  Why, Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll, if you must know.  "Who in it?" you ask.  None other than the likes of Colin Bassett, Joe Hall, Susan McCarty and Brian Furuness, among other literary hippopotami.

Also, right before I left, Dark Sky arrived in the mail and gosh it's good looking.  "Who in dat?" you say.  Well, let me think: me, Elisa Gabbert, Molly Gaudry, Mel Bosworth and Jensen Beach to name a few.  "Where I find dat?" you ask.  Dis place. "What it look like?"

Lastly, I have a stamp story floating around out there, so you best be ordering from your favorite small presses and then maybe you get a nice surprise with my name on it.

And dat be dat.