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Residency Rejection, Agent Signed, and new fiction in Black Candies

Jac Jemc

I was hoping for some isolation, but I will settle for insulation.

I was hoping for some isolation, but I will settle for insulation.

Several updates today! First of all,  I was sadly not accepted to MacDowell for a residency this spring. I knew it was still a dream, but every time I apply I hope I'm getting just a hair closer. This year has been rather surreal. I've had incredible and unexpected good luck with some writing endeavors, but while all of that has been going on I changed jobs and also found myself turning over a large portion of my free time to my aging parents and their declining health. Hopefully that is on the up and up, and the busy season at work is finally starting to calm down, so I am excited to get back into a regular schedule of writing in the mornings, and focusing on all of the good that has come of this year. And, who knows? Perhaps another opportunity to sneak away and get lots of work done will present itself.

One of the other amazing bits of luck I've happened upon in the past few months is that I've signed on to work with the illustrious Claudia Ballard at William Morris Endeavor. I couldn't be more thrilled and honored to get to work with her in the coming years. At the moment she's made some terrific suggestions on how to improve the novel I'm currently working on, and I'm eager to get started on that!

I'm also so excited to have a small excerpt of that novel coming out in the new issue of Black Candies, themed "See Through." The issue is available for pre-order now, and if you get out your credit card right this second, you can also get the first issue included in your mailing. I know I can't wait to read spooky work by the likes of Ken Baumann, Aaron Burch, Sarah Rose Etter, Lindsay Hunter and Jim Ruland, among others. Get it now!

That's all for the moment. Back to work on polishing up the story collection now!