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Rejection 123

Peter Slapnicher

Ya know? Time for the rejections to start again. Who's ready? The person to break the dry spell was a rather flustered Adam Robinson of the "Is Reads" project, explaining that he kept trying not to reject my poems, for a number of reasons, but ultimately, they were too long. THEN, he talked about two of the poems I'd sent him and gave good feedback. He said the first part of one of my poems was hokey and the last part was inventive, and then he asked where "the twain will meet?" I thought that was pretty great.

And then he said I should send him work that was more like 10 lines long really soon. Yessir. This was a good one. It wins "Rejection of the Week."

The last time I declared a "Rejection of the Week" I said it was not a new feature, but I've changed my mind. "Rejection of the Week" will be declared whenever I enjoy a rejection a whole lot. This may be once a month or it might be twice in one day. It's just another way of saying, "I love you."