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Rejection 153

Peter Slapnicher

I am totally into namesakes and patron saints right now. Ploughshares sent a rejection for a story via email.  I only had to wait about three months for that one - not bad.

I have run out of things to say about anonymous form rejections.

So instead I will tell you about my new bike.  It is my mom's old bike and it has Jacques Anquetil stickers all over it.  I think it is from 1971.  It's pretty good looking.  The mount for a child seat is still hanging out on the back.  I think I'm gonna strap a basket on it.  If my friend ever gets here, I'm going to take it to Uptown Bikes and have them put a new tube in the front tire and maybe get new brake cables and a new 'saddle' (saddle being the hip term bicyclists call their seat,  some lingo which was forced upon me yesterday).

Also, I am at this moment listening to the song, "I Don't Know Much," performed by Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville.

Happy Sunday afternoon, my friends.