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OMG - Novella Compendium Up at Hitherandthithering Waters.

Peter Slapnicher

I don't even know what to say or how delve into the lists that just went up on John Madera's site, Hitherandthithering Waters.  At the very least, I can say that I am excited and eager to write something that's a weird middle-length all of a sudden. All of the following writ ers provided their lists, some with reasons, some not.  John broke it down by writers' lists and then listed all of the novellas alphabetically so you can easily see where there are overlaps.  You can read list by list, and see why these people love these little books, or you can see which ones were chosen most often and start there. 

I read the combined list and kicked myself for forgetting about certain stories and for having thought of others, but decided they were not novellas.  Classification is so loose.  I love this project. 

Okay, back to the list of writers, because god knows my rambling isn't gonna get you over to this site, but this list will:  Steve Almond, J.R. Angella, Nick Antosca, Ken Baumann, Matt Bell, Crispin Best, Daniel Borzutsky, K. Kvashay-Boyle, Blake Butler, Tobias Carroll, Jimmy Chen, Jackie Corley, Matt DeBenedictis, Nicole Elizabeth, Scott Esposito, Brian Evenson, Timothy Gager, Molly Gaudry, Renee Gladman,  Brandon Scott Gorrell, Amelia Gray, Jim Hana, John Haskell, Christopher Higgs, Lily Hoang, Jamie Iredell, Jac Jemc, Shane Jones, Michael Joyce, Sean Kilpatrick, Michael Kimball, Paul Kincaid, Lee Klein, Catherine Lacey, Reb Livingston, Sean Lovelace, Gary Lutz, Lorette C. Luzajic, Josh Maday, John Madera, Micheline Aharonian Marcom, Michael Martone, Carole Maso (!), Ben Myers, Clayton Moore, Kimberly King Parsons, Ben Pester, Kathryn Regina, Cooper Renner, Adam Robinson,  Tim Russell, Bradley Sand,Christine Schutt, Peter Selgin, David Shields, Matthew Simmons, Joe Stracci, Justin Taylor, William Walsh, Kevin Wilson, John Dermot Woods, and Leni Zumas.      

That's 62 writers by my count.  Take a Xanax and try to relax into it.