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Rejection 173

Peter Slapnicher

I lied.  I dont have any of those cds. Even if I did download the single of Jellyhead because it reminded me of Junior High Teen Night.  Whoa. So many young-person-awkward social gatherings referenced in this post. You have been warned.  Score!  I am back in the game with Diagram. I got a little personal note from Ander this time saying that he was passing, but not without interest.  He also said I'd sent "interesting poems" and pointed out a line he especially liked.

This night has been salvaged, even after I was run out of what I hoped would be a marathon writing night at the coffee shop by a newly minted "High School Open Mic Night."

And, yup, "SCORE!" is back in my vernacular.  Anyone want to borrow my Jock Jams cds?