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New Blog Post Up at Other Blog

Peter Slapnicher

I'm posting a couple times in June (which is almost over) at the Our Stories Blog.  We're allowed to post about anything literary, and mostly I just ramble a bunch about how things are obviously changing in huge ways, especially in the world of publishing/ writing, and how it makes me nervous and excited, but also fearful of people like this dude I went on a date with who had spear tattoos and didn't understand that he was a living animal and not a robot who could solely function in some other realm.

There are details about this date at the Our Stories Blog.  You should go there.

Also, I should really start a blog about the dates I've been on in the last 4 months.  You would crack up.  If you email me at, I will tell you a story.  I have a minimum of 21 of them.  I will email one date to each person who asks in chronological order.  Srsly.  I don't know what got into me.  I have an addictive personality.  I am saying it aloud.