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Rejection Post-Acceptance by Other Magazine, but not Post-Withdrawal (eek!): Rejection 177

Peter Slapnicher

Im comforted by Venn Diagrams. So, for the first time I had a story accepted and I did not immediately withdraw it from the other places I'd sent it, because I didn't think that I could possibly hear about a story from two magazines while I was gone, so I didn't bring my notebook where I keep track of these things.  Yup, in a notebook - not a spreadsheet or a google doc.

So I got an acceptance and then I prayed that whoever else I'd sent the story wouldn't want it for the next week.

And no one did.  But Fringe rejected it. So I think I should maybe count that. So I guess this is Rejection 177. I will not leave my notebook behind for two weeks again.  That put fear in my heart.