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Rejection 178

Peter Slapnicher

Mac taking my vacation message personally reminds me of how on the tour someone might say something like, This is beautiful, about an area we were driving through, and Zach would touch his heart and say, as if touched that you thought to compliment him on his handiwork, Thank youuuuuu.  It is not all about you. While away on tour I set up a vacation email response because I knew my chances to respond would few and far between.

I got a rejection from Mac at Lady Jane's Miscellany. He got my vacation note which said this:

"I am in a van with a bunch of other writers right now.

Chances are I won't have the capacity to respond to this before July 17th.

Why don't you call me if it's so important?  I'd probably like to hear from you: 847-828-2366


Mac must have thought that was a personal email, because he sent an email saying this:

"Not a big deal, Jac, just update on things.


It makes me laugh every time I think about Mac getting that vacation email and thinking, "Chill, bitch.  I was just rejecting you."