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Poetry Collection Rejection

Peter Slapnicher


A poetry collection I put together was rejected by Octopus Books.  Such is life.  I'm excited about the people who were chosen though, and very eager to see the collections that were finalists - because hopefully I will get to see those collections somewhere else someday.

Here's the lists:

Scheduled for Publication in 2011:

Dear Jenny, We Are All Find by Jenny Zhang The Black Forest by Christopher DeWeese Conception by Rebecca Farivar These manuscripts were finalists:

Off to the Nervous Museum by Claire Donato

The Next Monster by Julie Doxsee

I Write to You from the Sea by Laura Eve Engel

Everything Here is Ok by Sasha Fletcher

Power Ballad by Dan Hoy

Early Linoleum by Brenda Iijima

Kingdom of Throat-stuck Luck, by George Kalamaras

The Dottery by Kirsten Kaschock

Sign You Were Mistaken by Seth Landman

Heart of Palm by Linnea Ogden

Emergency by Caryl Pagel

Lid to the Shadow by Alexandria Peary

The Abilene Paradox by Craig Rebele

Bloom by Rob Schlegel

Parties, by S.E. Smith

Common Birds & Their Songs by Melinda Wilson

There's a lot on the horizon, right?