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Rejections 239, 240, and 241 and a new story

Peter Slapnicher

Erp.  They're really piling up lately.

This could probably be seen as a shitty thing to say, but quite honestly, I had gotten used to a different submission/ acceptance/ rejection ratio for a little while there.  Which I don't think is a terrible thing to acknowledge.  I'm not discouraged by the increased rate of rejections of late.  I'm just going to buckle down and work harder.  As previously discussed, I think my writing might be in an adolescent period right now, so I'll work.  Plain and simple.

239: Puerto del Sol

240: A really nice note from Chris at Annalemma letting me know more what he's looking for.

241: Five Points

That said, there's a new story of mine up atWunderkammer: Janice-Katie, Both Fruit and Flower. It was a story I wrote for a Rec Room reading in which all the readers used Stacy Levine's fascinating character, Janice-Katie, in a story all their own.  The range is pretty terrific.