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44 Examples of Ambition and Some Other Things to Talk About

Peter Slapnicher

Image Melville House is putting out a terrific series of stories right now: a story for each president, five a week, until the election. I was in the first batch, but lord almighty, check out the others It's an incredible collection of wide-ranging interpretations of what it could mean to write a story about the president. I wrote about Tommy J: But there's Matt Bell, Amelia Gray, Ben Loory, Mark Cugini, Greg Gerke, Robert Kloss, Matthew Salesses, Christopher Higgs...I could keep going.  Could.

I'm a new web editor at Hobart and golly if their relaunch to daily content isn't just the prettiest thing. I'm reading fiction submissions every few months but I'm also interviewing non-readers for an irregular feature. I've talked to James Lai and Mary Hamilton so far, and there are lots more to come!

One of my favorite writers, Matt Bell, and I interviewed each other about our newish books and new projects and naming conventions and obsession and lots more over at Word Riot.

The Chicago Reader let me recommend something and I gushed about Eileen Myles's book Inferno at Culture Vulture.

I think that's about it for now. yeesh. I am gonna take a nap now.