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Rejected for the Amanda Davis Highwire Fiction Award

Peter Slapnicher

Who wouldn't want a chance at $2,500 to get some serious work done on a work of fiction? I certainly would!

I sent the novel draft I've been working on to the McSweeney's Amanda Davis Highwire Fiction Award Competition, but received a form rejection.

I think one of my favorite things about submitting work is the pure hope and belief that I could actually succeed. I literally thought, "I know it's not likely that I will win this award, but I probably will, right?"

When I received the rejection last night, I told Jared, and he made our hippo roommates try to comfort me, but I did not need comforting. Then he reminded me about Wayne Gretsky, who no one ever needs to remind me about because he is in my heart forever and always. For those of you that don't know this overused quote though: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Duh, Wayne. Duh.

Anyway, I probably didn't win this one because I'm going to win that NEA, right? It's not likely, but probably.

Sorry about being an absolutely neglectful parent to this blog. Back on it!